LIMO DMV: The Ultimate Chauffeur Service!
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24/7 executive car service in Washington, D.C.

Limo DMV is the pinnacle of luxury chauffeur service for business travelers. From Washington D.C. to Maryland, and beyond, allow us to fulfill your business and pleasure travel needs around the clock. Your personal driver awaits…

Trusted transportation since 2011

Covering over 1,000 cities worldwide through a global franchise network

The preferred partner for travel advisors and event planners

Limo DMV

Limo DMV isn’t your average executive limo service; we take pride in bringing you opulence and professional chauffeuring with our superior fleet of vehicles tailored specifically to your needs.

Our specialty? Helping our executive clients smoothly transition from airport to final destination, and with so many happy customers to date, we’re confident that we can transform VIP travel in Washington D.C., Maryland, and beyond!

LIMO DMV - The Ultimate Chauffeur Service
fleet : LIMO DMV - The Ultimate Chauffeur Service
Credibility meets quality

Limo DMV is here to show you what a professional car service really looks like. Our quality assurance means you can be confident in:

You will always arrive at your destination—near or far—feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Your partner for successful business travel

We take pride in being the driving force behind successful business trips. You have a busy schedule keeping your industry thriving, so it’s only right that you should expect punctual timekeeping and a comfortable, stylish ride while you’re in town. A smooth transition to and from the airport is our specialty, and taking care of you is our pleasure.

We’re transforming the VIP travel landscape in Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

Transfer to the airport? We’ve got you covered

Our strong suit is guaranteeing your safe and smooth transfer to and from Washington D.C. airports and cities in line with your demanding schedule.

Our flexibility means we’re ready to adapt to your changing needs should you be delayed or need sooner-than-planned transport.

Our extensive fleet options also provide a customized travel experience for those special, one-off events:

➔ Exciting sporting event to get to?
➔ Memorable prom or family wedding?
➔ Touring the city?
Limo DMV is your chosen white glove transportation solution!

Our full-service offering includes

Services | LIMO DMV - Ultimate Chauffeur Service

Transfer services

Pick-up and drop-off at airports, train stations, cruise ports, and other transit hubs in a luxury vehicle designed with comfort and elegance in mind. Transfer services are billed at a single, all-inclusive, flat rate.

Services | LIMO DMV - Ultimate Chauffeur Service

Point-to-Point services

Direct transport between two geographic locations. Point-to-Point services are billed at a single, all-inclusive flat rate unless specified otherwise in the quote. Hourly rates may be charged for point-to-point services under one or more conditions

Services | LIMO DMV - Ultimate Chauffeur Service

Personalized service

Flexible transport between multiple locations for as long as needed. As-directed services are billed at an hourly rate using a garage-to-garage calculation, meaning that time is added to the trip to account for the vehicle’s travel time to a pickup location and back to its point of origination.


City-to-City services

City-to-City services offer a seamless and luxurious solution for your long-distance transportation needs between cities. Our commitment to excellence ensures a comfortable and stress-free journey as you travel from one urban center to another.

Services | LIMO DMV - Ultimate Chauffeur Service

Chauffeur-only service

Professional Limo DMV chauffeur(s) for hire to operate client-provided vehicles. Chauffeur-only services are billed at a daily rate and can be customized to fit specific program requirements. All Carey chauffeurs are fully vetted, insured, and possess appropriate licensing.


Non-Emergency Medical
Transportation Service

provides safe, private and sanitized non-emergency medical transportation services. We safely transport patients and we specializes in handling all of the ground transportation logistics associated with non-emergency, light medical transfers.

fleet : LIMO DMV - The Ultimate Chauffeur Service

Exclusive private tours

Skip the tourist lines and treat yourself to an exclusive, personalized tour around Washington D.C.’s iconic city sights in one of our magnificent vehicles, with the added touch of a white- gloved personal driver and local, knowledgeable guide!

LIMO DMV - The Ultimate Chauffeur Service
LIMO DMV - The Ultimate Chauffeur Service

Trusted special events

Whether it’s prom, a family wedding, or a night out to a sporting event, you want to arrive safely and in style. You can be sure that our superior fleet and first-class chauffeur service will take care of you and your family’s needs.


fleet : LIMO DMV - The Ultimate Chauffeur Service

Reward your hard work

Business travel can be taxing: your company and employees need a consistently steadfast car service you can count on, wherever you do business. For our regular clients, we offer corporate account holder discounts. After all, you’re more than just a passenger.

When can we pick you up?

Our car services are easily booked with the click of a button. If you would like more information on customizing your journey, please get in touch using the number or email address below.

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